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Corn Maze

Getting lost is fun in the corn maze! Finding your way through our corn maze can be a real adventure. It's twist and turns will challenge your memory as you navigate your way through the corn maze pathways.

Nashville, Franklin, Murfreesboro, Spring Hill, Mount Juliet Corn Maze

Corn Maze

Each year is a new challenge as we design a brand new corn maze for you to explore.

The Corn Maze Master Challenge:

Conquer our cornfield maze by finding 6 hidden checkpoints inside the maze and enter to win an iPad!

A winner will be randomly drawn in November.

Have you ever heard of a corn maze without corn? We've got one. In fact, we were the first corn maze in Tennessee to plant our corn-maze using sorghum instead of traditional maize. Our maze looks basically the same as a traditional corn maze, but it's more drought tolerant and produces thicker denser foliage which makes our maze even more challenging because we can put more maze paths in a much smaller space.

Corn Maze Calendar

The Corn Maze is open during standard operating hours from September 20 - October 29.

Corn Maze Rules
  • Stay on maze paths
  • Don't cut through the corn
  • Don't pick stalks
  • No running
  • Children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult

2016 Corn Maze
  • Includes Maze Games:
    • Maze Master Challenge
    • FSI - Who Dunit?
    • Animal Tracks -
      Who Stole the Farmer's Pie?

Field Trips to the Corn Maze

Thousands of children visit the farm each fall to learn about agriculture. If your group would like to take an educational tour of the corn maze visit our Field Trips page.